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Welcome to our member spotlight series. Today we have Angie & Marcus. The questions are answered by Angie, but the husband and wife duo teach music lessons together in Boise, Idaho.

How long you’ve been teaching?

15 years

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When I first began teaching piano lessons I had no idea what my pricing should be. I didn’t understand the economics of it all, I honestly was just looking to make some money on the side while I was going to school. I started off at $30 for an hour lesson. I was in college, and most of my friends were working some retail job for a little above minimum wage, so I thought $30 was really good, and it probably was. But what I didn’t realize was I was leaving a lot of money on the table.

As self employed teachers, the single most valuable asset we have is our time. If you price your lessons low, you may get more students, but you will be working more and making less. Before we start thinking about what we should be charging for lessons, we need to understand how the market works.


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How to look like a professional private music teacher even if you don’t feel like one.


Copywright talldude07

My first experience as a private piano teacher was in a music store.  It was a great experience- I met a lot of great musicians, had access to any materials that I needed, was given free advertising, and enjoyed plenty of help and emotional support.  Those early days in the noisy, damp basement of that music store taught me a lot about the business, about working with people, and about being professional.  Here are a few ideas that I’ve used to increase the professionalism in my own private teaching studio. [···]

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