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Is your lesson schedule jam-packed? Have you maxed out your income because you’ve run out of teaching days and times? Are you nervous about making ends meet during the summer months? As private music teachers, sometimes we have to be really creative when it comes to drumming up more income. Here are a handful of creative tips that will help you boost your income with group lessons and summer camps. Don’t get nervous… you don’t have to be a group expert to make these ideas work!

1) Keep it fun. Sure, summer camps are great for reinforcing basic music concepts, but they’re also an opportunity for you to foster comradery and imagination in your studio. One of the biggest complaints I’ve seen from other teachers about summer camps is about low enrollment: students and parents are reluctant to sign up because from their perspective, the camp just doesn’t sound very fun. That’s why it’s so important to make your camps fun and creative – students are more likely to sign up for something that’s unique and exciting than for something that comes across as an “educational experience.” This summer I’m holding a Hogwarts themed summer camp, and I know my students will be interested in something like that! Check out the video below for a montage of the fun camp we did last year: Music Blast Summer Camp [···]

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As the summer months are fast approaching it’s time to get studio plans going that will entice students to “stick with it”. All students who intend to return to my studio in the Fall are required to:

  1. Submit a $50 deposit that is credited towards Fall tuition
  2. Register and attend at least one summer option between June and August. Students may enroll in 5 private lessons or a camp. Lessons are scheduled around everyone’s availability–always a little tricky, however, things seem to work. Thanks to‘s calendar, communication of all dates is always clear.. FYI: This year I am using Google docs to create forms and a spread sheet to assimilate all registrations and calendars. Crossing my fingers that this will permanently eliminate a nasty paper trail.

I desire a break from the routine just as much as students and parents. So, I enjoy offering a number of options that keep students on the bench and keep income steady during the normally lean summer months. Here are three of the options I’ll be offering this summer:

Piano Olympics

Summary: Every spring students ask me if there will be Olympics again this summer. Each “camp” day features…

  • indoor and outdoor age-appropriate games that review elements of theory,
  • solo work
  • ensemble work
  • online theory assignments
  • and most important–snacks!


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