Music lessons

Yes. By all means, YES! Here are 10 reasons why I thoroughly enjoy the opportunity to teach those who are 18 and above and even those who might be considered “chronologically challenged.”

Posing proudly after a No-Worries Workshop

1. Lesson Time: Adults are able to schedule lessons during those hours when most K-12 school students cannot attend.

2. Income: Because adults can come during “off hours” weekly income is expanded.

3. Friendship: Every time a new student enters the door a new relationship is established and inevitably a friend as well.

4. Variety: Each adult student arrives with a unique and distinct musical background and agenda. While some desire to master Mozart, others want to learn note names, while others wish to play current pop hits. Because of time limitations, I have not initiated a Recreational Music Making (RMM) class but this could be a possible option for your studio. This program, that emphasizes recreational and not traditional lessons for adults, continues to grow in popularity. For more information check out the Recreational Music Making Handbook. [···]

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Recently I set the challenge for some of my students to find what they thought was the most useful free music iPhone app. A recent focus in my studio on developing aural skills was evident when multiple students came back raving about a free app called ‘Ear Trainer Lite’ (the full Ear Trainer app costs $7.49). [···]

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I recently read Kerri Green’s excellent blog Lessons I Learnt While I Wasn’t Teaching,where she mentions that she divides students into two streams – the ‘Performance Track’ (who have individual lessons) and the ‘Recreation Track’ (who have group lessons). I currently only teach individual lessons and I don’t envisage myself teaching group lessons at any time in the future (due to studio space and personal preference), however I previously spent a number of years teaching in groups and training teachers on how best to teach group lessons, so Kerri’s post prompted me to share my thoughts on group teaching for those of you who are currently teaching in that environment. [···]

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