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A new feature has been added to the File Area that allows you to create sub-folders. You can also create a folder without uploading a file.

Other improvements made this week:

  • Updated announcements so that the date is not displayed on the announcement.
  • Added the ability to sort lent items in the lending library.
  • Fixed 16 issues reported by the Quality &¬†Assurance Team.

Summertime downgrade verse Annual Pricing

Are you thinking about downgrading your Music Teacher’s Helper plan for the summer months as a way to save money? We introduced annual pricing a while back to save studios the trouble of having to shift students to former status in order to reach the below plan. Annual Pricing is equivalent to two months free and is available to our long-time members that are “grandfathered” from previous pricing. For Basic plans, that’s less than $12 a month!

Another reason we introduced Annual Pricing is because members wanted to be charged once a year, instead of monthly. If you would like to switch to Annual Pricing, please check out these instructions on how to do so.

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using music teacher software

 Improvements made this past week:

  • Fixed 29 bugs and improvements reported by the Quality Assurance Team.
  • Added Barbados Dollars to currency options.
  • We removed the requirement for an email address when creating a student.

Let us know what improvements you’d like to see by giving your feedback here. And if you experience an issue while using the software, or just have general questions, please do not hesitate to contact or 1-800-517-2811. Thank you for using Music Teacher’s Helper. Have a great week!

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