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This is a guest post from Richard McMunn:

Music teachers across the board are using mobile apps to teach their students via iPads and other devices. Music teaching apps are fast becoming a teacher’s tool for lessons and here are the top five apps teachers are downloading at the moment:


This app features five percussion instruments:

• Glockenspiel

This option gives octaves through touch selection

• Marimba

Octaves and Hard and Soft Mallets through the touch selection

• Vibraphone

Octaves and Hard and Soft Mallets through the touch selection

• Xylophone

Octaves and Hard and Soft Mallets though the touch selection

• Kalimba

This is a unique instrument and is easy to play and hear via this app.

The app features 3D attractive graphics and helps teachers to master their touch skills.

Real Piano Pro

This app features a full-size piano feature.  [···]

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motivating students to practice music

I recently asked a group of parents what was the one thing they needed help with regarding their children’s music lessons, as well as something that the teacher could be working on as well.  The answer:  Motivating children to practice.

I’ve had this discussion with my own students’ parents many times.  Some parents really push their kids, and some have little to no involvement at all.  What are they doing wrong? What are they doing right? These are things they ask me.

I personally do not think that there is one right answer because every person is unique.  For example, I was a very self-motivated child and never had to be told to practice.  I just did it, and excelled at it. However, I know that some of my students don’t progress with this type of method in the home and practicing does not happen.

It can be true of the reverse as well though.  Some children may need to be reminded or pushed to practice, and therefore they excel with that type of motivation.  Whereas other children, when pushed too hard, back away or rebel.

Here are some things that I have found to help me with my students, as well as advice that I would offer to parents.   [···]

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music teacher resources

As we all know, the internet is an amazing resource, although you sometimes need a keen eye to distinguish the quality sites from the hype and fluff.

I saw one music site with amazing free services but the site was peppered with advertisements, and downloading its free software then required other special software.  There’s that uncomfortable feeling of installing someone’s free software–you wonder who’s trying to put what on your computer. Then there’s that other uncomfortable suspicion, that “free” services loaded with ads are likely to cost more ads and even spam emails.

One site had some intriguing music teaching games but it soon became clear these were hooks for joining the site, which primarily offered web advertising for private teaching. Since private teaching is generally a local activity, and the web is international, it seems odd to pay top dollar for web advertising that’s intended for a local market. Of course, it makes sense to be able to put up local flyers or weblinks which connect to a studio website, but then Music Teacher’s Helper provides that, plus all the services we use in working with our students.

In any case, after sifting some of the sites, I thought I’d highlight the following sites that are of special interest to music teachers– [···]

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