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Hey, everyone. Keep an eye for a new look on the Music Teacher’s Helper main website and blog in the coming days. The new look and content will help teachers searching for studio management tools learn about the community and recent improvements made to the software. This won’t change where or how you login though. And here are a few fixes from this past week:

  • For some teachers, multiple lesson reminder emails were being sent out for one lesson but have been resolved so all future lessons will only receive the correct reminder based on the settings selected.
  • In the new version, the dropdown option to move an active adult student to former was not showing for some members and has been resolved.
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We just helped complete a funding campaign on with our recent donation.  An elementary classroom in Los Angeles will now be getting small percussion instruments for the fall!

Please check out our general donation page for music classroom projects that still need funding and consider giving:

The billing and invoicing feature for the new version are moving along with testing and we’ll make sure to make a big announcement when it’s available. Here’s one notable fix from the past week from the new version:

  • If you’ve tried to enter your personal website into the Website tab under Settings, when you select “Link to a website I already have”, you may have noticed it only shows an option with a prefix for a Music Teacher’s Helper website. The prefix has been removed so you can now enter your personal website. To learn more about how your current studio website and your Music Teacher’s Website can work together, please check out the Studio Website Articles on the Knowledge Base.

Did you know that you can edit and create your own email templates?

Customize the various emails that are sent automatically by selecting Settings in the top right of the dashboard and then selecting the Messaging tab. Edit existing templates or create new email templates. Adding to the signature, and including your own tone and writing style will make a difference when communicating with your students and parents! Use this Knowledge Base article for full details on the message types and how to make changes.

If you have any questions for us or experience any issues, please reach out to Happy teaching!

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Hi, Everyone. We hope your February has been going great! We recently added a feature that will save you from having to log in each session. If you select the checkbox, you can automatically access your account when entering that Tab’s URL. For instance, if you bookmark the Calendar Page URL,, you will not be required to log in to go directly to that page.

Bypassing the login will last for two weeks before needing to re-check the box.  It’s device specific so you will need to select the checkbox on all devices you want to stay logged in. And make sure not to use this feature on devices you share with others that you don’t want to have access to your account.

Here are a few fixes made this week in the new version:

  • The list of names that come up for “Use Subscription For Payment” was showing the entire list of student names and not just the ones who have entered their credit card info to be auto billed.
  • The secondary billing contact was not showing on the generated invoice for some teachers.
  • Charges in transaction logs of each student were missing momentarily in the new version but have since been restored.
  • Some event reminders were sent out a day earlier than scheduled in the new version and have since been corrected.
  • If you received a PayPal integration error message related to an integration update, that has been resolved by the programming team and everything now works smoothly between your account and Paypal.
  • If you were having issues changing the default time format in Settings, specifically when clicking from am to pm, this has been corrected.
  • For some teachers, the Transaction Log was not showing changes but the invoice was.
  • When some teachers were creating available times on their calendar, students were not able to click available time slots to sign up for a lesson. If any of your students were experiencing this, they can now sign up for time slots you make available.

Did you know that you can choose multiple instruments in the settings page?

If you teach multiple instruments, select all that apply so you can assign which instrument(s) your students are taking lessons with. Head over to Settings (top right drop down) and scroll to the bottom of the Studio Tab to select which instrument(s) you teach. Make sure to click Save Studio Settings when finished. Instrument icons will also show next to the students’ names and scheduled lessons as a reminder for you.

If you are experiencing any issues or have any questions for us, please reach out to Happy teaching!

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