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Hi, Everyone. With the end of March around the corner, we hope your recent or planned spring recitals were a huge hit! With the new version of Music Teacher’s Helper, creating new events, such as recitals, can be done without having to leave the Calendar page. This saves you even more time when planning out your schedule. Once in the calendar, click the green Add New event button, select your event type and add the details on the pop-up screen.

Also, the new version has a Personal Appointment option. Personal Appointment allows you to create events without assigning a student, such as errands or a dentist visit. This makes it easier to create your entire schedule using the calendar and ensuring your personal and teaching schedule don’t get mixed up. (And remember that you can also sync the calendar up with Google Calendar or iCal, etc.).

As always, our team is working hard to keep your studio running smoothly. Several small fixes have been made but no notable fixes from this week to announce.

Did you know that you can make your own attendance statuses?

The new version allows you to fully customize the number and names of your attendance statuses. So, rather than tracking all lessons under Attended, Cancelled, or Missed, you can create a status to indicate when a student was “Late” or if you missed the lesson (oops!), you might mark it as “Teacher Absent”. Setting up your own attendance statuses is easy. Once in the new version, click your name in the top right and select Settings. Click the Calendar tab and scroll down to Lesson Settings. Clicking on the name of an existing status allows you to edit the name. You can also add additional statuses as well as view and edit statuses in your attendance report.

Don’t forget to click the Save Calendar Settings button at the bottom when you’re finished.

If you have any questions for us or experience any issues, please reach out to Happy teaching!

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We hope everyone’s week is going great. If you haven’t seen it in your inbox, don’t miss our first newsletter of 2017. Here are a few upcoming improvements currently being work on:

  • Make Private Calendar Events – A small but big change! The student field will become optional and when left blank, blocks out time on your calendar for personal events. That way, you can prevent a student from requesting a lesson during a time you are busy like a dentist appointment in the middle of the day or if you’re meeting with a prospective student, that isn’t added to your Student List yet.
  • Embed the Registration Form on Your Other Websites – Soon, you’ll be able to add a new student registration form on any website you own. Currently, you can place a login form on any site you own for existing students and parents. Some members add the login form to their personal teaching site or if they choose to use another site for their studio instead of a Music Teacher’s Helper website theme. The registration form will work exactly the same as the one on the studio website associated with your account.  
  • Start/End Dates for Rate Packages – In last week’s announcement, we described how to customize rate packages in Beta mode. We’re adding the ability to create start and end calendar dates for a specific package. This will be helpful for special circumstances and provide more flexibility in how you bill your students.

That’s it for this week. Happy teaching!

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We hope your week is off to great start. We’re working hard on the new features and wanted to give you a description of a bunch more you’ll get to start using soon. We are continuously testing the features and hope to have the Beta option available at the end of August or first days of September. We promise to keep you updated. Thank you for your patience. Check out the other posts from this month to learn about additional new features.

Easily Add Multiple Phones Numbers on an Account

In addition to creating separate contacts for a student alone, each with their own email address and phone number, you’ll also be able to add multiple phone numbers for a single contact.

Email Students Directly from Student List with Improved Advanced Search Options

You won’t need to go to a separate page to email your students anymore. You’ll be able to do it right from the Student List, filtering the ones you want with our powerful new Advanced Search options. Also, you’ll love the faster searching and sorting of the student list.

Emailing music students

Email Templates Moved to Settings & Enable Sorting for “My E-mail Templates.”

Email templates will now be with notification settings. This simplifies the menus and reduces the amount of navigation needed. Additionally, to search your email templates more easily, they will be sortable by alphabetical order. This will be most helpful for studios with many email templates.

Auto-save Draft of Email Messages While Writing

Never worry about losing an unfinished email to a student or parent again. Your email messages will auto-save every few seconds. If you close out your window, you’ll find your email under drafts right where you left off!

Send SMS Notifications to Student/Parent

Some families receive too much email, and text messaging can be a preferred choice to receive communication. We’ve added five SMS notifications to give you more options. The new notifications are:

  • Late payment reminders

  • Lesson reminders

  • Payment Receipt

  • Invoice Notification

  • Reset Password

  • Practice Reminder

Under the Messages tab within Settings, choose which notifications you want to send via text as well as unselect any contacts that don’t want text messages. We’ll provide pre-drafted message templates to get you started. You can customize each template to fit your personal style.

Student/Parent Opt-out of Automatic Notification and Text Messaging (SMS) 

If not all of your families want to receive lesson notes, you no longer need to keep track of which families enjoy lesson notes and which families prefer not to receive them.

The new notification options allow you to edit the templates for 15 notification types and choose which ones to send or not.

Login as a Student Directly From the Student List

Quickly login to a student’s account so you can show your student or parent how to log practice time or add their payment information. This will be more convenient and not require you to know a student’s login information.  Thank you for using Music Teacher’s Helper, and for your input. We’ve been listening to your requests and our team has been working hard to bring these new updates to you. We’re very excited to get them up, and we’d love to hear what you think, and any other ideas you have for how we can serve you better.

Thank you for using Music Teacher’s Helper, and for your input. We’ve been listening to your requests and our team has been working hard to bring these new updates to you. We’re very excited to get them up, and we’d love to hear what you think, and any other ideas you have for how we can serve you better.

Please don’t hesitate to contact support with any questions. Have a great rest of the week!

Thank you!

-Andrew & the entire Music Teacher’s Helper Team

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