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This week we are excited to announce updates to the Android and iPhone apps!

Under the left sidebar, you will find a new Metronome tab available to Teachers and Students! A great tool for students during their at home practice sessions. 

metronome app for music teaching

The Lending library functionality is now available in the app. As well as the Report section. There is also new interactive 24 hour Today bar with color codes.

scheduling music students music lesson calendar

Other changes made to the apps:

  • API improvements for today’s events, schedule, calendar > events by day, student details
  • The side menu now has a collapsible Billing menu
  • Duration is displayed on the event detail screen
  • Better contact import for iOS 9
  • Adaptive screens: hiding non active fields like hour in case of an all day event
  • Bug fixes

And here are the changes made to the regular software version of Music Teacher’s Helper:

  • Updated Batch Attendance to allow editing of multiple parameters as it was before.
  • Fixed a bug with invoice v1 default due date if none selected.
  • Fixed a condition that gave a “We could not parse the calendar at the url requested” error when attempting to sync to Google Calendar.
  • Fixed a bug that caused some email invoices to be blank PDFs.
  • Fixed a bug that caused a blank subject line on invoice notification email.
  • Updated calendar filter design.
  • Allowed input of Google Analytics UA code in website settings.
  • Allowed input of SEO info in website settings.
  • Corrected a couple dozen minor issues reported by customers and QC.

Let us know if you have any questions by contacting support. Have a great weekend!

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We are excited to announce that this Saturday evening, January 23rd, the new Music Teacher’s Helper will go live! Here are the important things to know about the improved look.

Please note: If your display looks off, Hold CTRL + SHIFT + R for a power refresh of your browser. If that does not work, please clear your browser cache and cookies. Please click here for instructions on clearing browser cache.

New look, same functionality.

The new design includes the existing functionality you have come to love about Music Teacher’s Helper. While the look is different, all the menu items and actions you perform will be done the same as before. Below is a preview of the dashboard and also an explanation of how the menu, now on the left side, will work.

The new look will work great on tablets, including iPads!

The new design will be responsive, which means the screen will resize to look good on any computer, tablet, or mobile device. We still recommend you use the dedicated iPhone and Andriod mobile apps to access exclusive features such as push notifications, GPS mileage tracking, and audio/video recording.

Dashboard view of the improved Music Teacher’s Helper

Responsive Music Teacher's Helper Design

Close-up view of the new menu

Responsive Menu


Main things to know about the new menu:

  • You can minimize the menu by clicking the “hamburger” icon to the left of your studio name.
  • The subtabs show by selecting a main tab and if a subtab has additional options available, you will see that is does by the blue arrow. In the screenshot above, Students is selected as the main tab and E-mail Students is selected as the subtab to show the additional options.
  • The menu size will adapt to the screen you are using, including tablets and all iPad models.

Lastly, your My Account and other menu items previously displayed in the top right will now be available by clicking on the photo icon.

New My Account

Is the Student/Parent area updated as well? 

Yes! And an announcement has been made on their login screen directing them to a page about the updated design. But if you would like to provide them information about the changes, you may send them the following link about specific design differences for the student:

We’ll continue adding in some of the bigger improvements and new features that have been requested, as well as several surprises which we know you’re going to love. Thanks for being a part of our Music Teacher’s Helper family! If you have any questions about the new design, please do not hesitate to reach out to

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music teacher software

For this week’s updates we:

  • Updated the Student Account summary page so that the “From Date” is populated with today’s date by default.
  • Updated the Student Contact list report page so that the “Select All” checkbox works correctly after unselecting student(s).
  • Added a “Select All” option to Push Notification Announcement sending screen.
  • Updated the student list table layout on Push Notification Announcement sending screen.
  • Made a handful of small layout and text cleanups to the Push notifications sending page.
  • Corrected account specific issues reported by Teachers.

Have you been using the recently added Push Notifications and Audio/Video Recording features on the Music Teacher’s Helper App? If so, let us know in the comments section below what you think of them so far. Happy teaching!

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