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In 2012, a UK survey commissioned by Disney uncovered that 75% of parents who owned ‘app-capable’ devices shared them with their children, and that, “…37% considered apps to be an ‘integral’ part of their family life.”

It’s no secret that introducing children to music at a young age offers numerous benefits. Many studies carried out over the past decade conclude that children who learn to play an instrument benefit from improved language-related skills, along with increased emotional and cognitive processing skills.

With the prominent rise of mobile devices being used in schools and the household, not to mention the hundreds (if not thousands) of children’s apps on the market, how can parents and teachers fully take advantage of this unique approach to learning?

One of the biggest challenges with musical education among children is that parents may not have the prior music knowledge required to introduce the basic elements to them. This means that many children don’t begin their musical training until the ages of five or six, after they’ve started school.

What Can Music Teachers Do?

Teachers can start developing educational programs based around these apps, which will allow them to take on more students at a younger age. This makes individual music lessons a much more viable option for kids, even as young as three, since it provides an easy entry point to kick-start their musical education; which is a huge plus for everyone.

With an increasing number of children being introduced to mobile technology each year, music-based apps have made the learning experience for kids more accessible than ever.

At a minimum, suggesting app-based learning into their playtime schedule of students’ younger siblings, they can begin to grasp key concepts that will encourage further musical development later on in life and potentially make them ready for music lessons sooner.

About the author: Ernst Renner is the founder of, which make apps designed for children to learn on their own. Their apps are made by music teachers with 20+ years of teaching experience. Little Composers apps are available on all touch-screen devices (including iOS9), laptops, and desktop computers. Learn more about their educational music apps by clicking here.
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Music Teacher Android App

We are excited to introduce the Music Teacher’s Helper Android app, now available in the Google Play Store. Free to download and use, this brand new app compliments the Music Teacher’s Helper web app. If you do not have an active Music Teacher’s Helper account, you can sign up for a no-risk trial here.

How to download the Music Teacher’s Helper Android App:

  1. Select the Google Play Store icon from your Android device.
  2. Click the “Search” function from the bottom menu.
  3. Type in “Music Teacher’s Helper”.
  4. Then click the download icon.

Also, you can set your Android device to receive automatic app updates. That will be the quickest and easiest way to get the newest features and any fixes implemented for your apps.

Why use the Music Teacher’s Helper app?

The Android app allows you to do many of the same functions as the web app version of the software. Here are some examples where the app could come in handy:

  • Easily add, view, or edit student information and call, text, or email them from your phone.
  • View your schedule when not in front of your computer or laptop.
  • Add mileage right from your phone before stepping out of your car (make sure to park first!).

There are many more reasons to use the app. Different teachers use it for different reasons. Your students can also use it to record practice sessions (with a built-in timer) and check their lesson schedule and payments.

What is a Public Beta?

Initial launches of an app can be tricky. There are thousands of Android devices with different screen sizes. We are excited to get the app into your hands, yet we understand it may not be perfect immediately. We would appreciate it if you let us know of any bugs, or anything we could create in the app to help you manage your studio better, and save you time every day.

We also want to know what features from the site you want to see in the app next, so reach out with your vote. You can send feedback from within the app or get in touch by emailing us at

To check out the Music Teacher’s Helper Google Play page, click here.

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