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Yes, YouTube has been around for awhile–founded in 2005. This year I have claimed YouTube as an official and permanent tool for my teaching.

I give most of the credit for my recent YouTube fascination to my new Flip®Camera. This easy-to-use camera has changed by video-life. Forever…

A book entitled YouTube in Music Education by Rudolph and Frankel also gets some credit for my latest affair. There is still something about the printed page, the feeling of a book in hand, that helps me digest information. Although I was familiar with YouTube, the book gave me confidence to grasp the intuitive (yes, intuitive!) features of YouTube.. Coupled with my new Flip®Camera, this video-sharing site has propelled my teaching into the 21st century.

YouTube is now be an intentional staple in my teaching since I’ve set up my own channel (I know, I’m behind so please disregard if you know this all!) My channel features [···]

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Have you ever wanted to record a student’s performance prior to a recital, or a difficult passage that the student needs to work on, but lacked the equipment or knowledge to do so? I would like to share the ways in which I use recordings in my studio, and the very accessible and simple equipment that I use to produce recordings. [···]

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