parents of music students

If your students’ parents own a kindle or any ebook reader, consider gifting 101 Piano Practice Tips – written by Tracy Selle, a Music Teacher’s Helper user. : ) 101 Piano Practice Tips

Tracy came to us and asked if we’d help her spread the word.  We love seeing what projects our users have going on.  Tracy published the book only last month, and it already has some great reviews.

Spending the $2.99 could go a long way in improving the practice mindset for parents.  Specific chapters discuss how to create the right environment, attitude, and tips on making practice fun.  Consider giving this as a gift to welcome new parents into your studio.

Just make sure to give it by the second lesson and mention you give it to all new parents you welcome into your studio.  You wouldn’t want the gesture to be taken the wrong way and have a parent think you are trying to suggest their child doesn’t practice.

Click here to find out more about the book.  Keep up the great work Tracy!


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