I am odd amongst my local voice teachers in that I DO accept extremely young voice students for private lessons.  My studio policy is a minimum of 10-years old and MUST be self-motivated, but I will take (and currently have in my studio) a highly-focused 9-year old.  The first question I ask a parent (usually a mother) who says that she wants her young child to have voice lessons is “Do THEY want the lessons?”

Even so, the way that I teach these students is different from the way I teach my “older” students (14-years old & up), largely because of how their brain functions.  The analytical skills and the ability to dissociate yourself from your sound are not present in the pre-pubescent brain.  My teaching style is generally VERY technically based.  I strongly believe that my students need to know exactly why we’re doing certain exercises: how the exercise is affecting the voice, what physical action is occurring in the larynx, what the result “should” be. [···]

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