perfect attendance with music students

Everyone here at Music Teacher’s Helper would like to wish our members and their students a wonderful upcoming holiday and new year. Thank you for using Music Teacher’s Helper this past year to manage your studio – our team enjoys serving you and continually striving to deliver software that makes your lives’ better. Let’s get into this week’s announcements:

New Attendance Tab in Beta Mode

One of the most requested features we’ve had is the ability to track individual attendance for group lessons. This week, we’ll be releasing this feature to our beta members as part of the new Attendance page. Attendance and lesson notes are now entered on the Calendar under a new tab called “Attendance”, found next to the month/weekly/agenda and location views.  

Other Recent Beta Changes:

  • You now have the ability to switch a student between child and adult status. This is convenient in case you’ve entered them as a mistake or as child students grow up and begin paying for their own lessons.
  • In addition to creating events in the lesson menu, you can also create events in the Calendar of various durations by clicking and dragging from start to end time on week or day view. This also works for multi-day events on month view.

We’re also working on lots of other updates behind the scenes that and will continue to release them to Beta in the coming weeks.  

Have Feedback?

While in Beta Mode, you’ll see a Feedback button on the right-hand side. Please let us know how it’s working for you and share your ideas for how we can improve Music Teacher’s Helper. We continue to receive excellent feedback that helps us further improve the new features.

Have a great week and happy teaching!

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