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Piano Marvel drastically improves practice quality by using gaming technology to keep students focused on goal oriented practicing. It allows teachers to track daily practice and more easily involve parents with learning through weekly automated emails of students practice and progress reports. Your students will have fun perfecting a piece while accelerating their rhythm accuracy and sight reading skills.
Music Teacher’s Helper and Piano Marvel are friends, so right now you can receive a 30-day free trial and 20% discount by using the following code when signing up: 3EEED31A 
Interested in learning more or signing up? Start by taking a tour on their website.

Piano Marvel has been around since 2009 and their newest version has just been released with many improvements. Here are some notable updates: 
  • A better way for your students to try it out – free access for the initial Level 1. When your students reach Level 2 they can choose to upgrade to premium to access those songs. All the premium features will be open access for the first 30 days of their account.
And if you do choose to signup for a free trial, don’t forget to enter the 20% discount code in the promotional code box when signing up. Here’s that code again:3EEED31A
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“That was great.  Now imagine how good you’d be if you actually practiced….” my teacher chided. I heard that statement a countless number of times.   I always loved to PLAY piano, but I never wanted to actually PRACTICE piano.  “Practice makes perfect, “ I heard over and over again.  “If you want to play well, you need to practice!”  Nowadays, I actually do enjoy practicing most of the time, although occasionally I find that my old habits still creep in.  Suddenly, I am at the bench playing for fun instead of wood-shedding those tough spots that need a lot of attention.  It’s those times that my dear, public school, music teacher hubby calls from the next room, “Honey, PERFECT practice makes perfect….” And he’s right.  


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