resources for music teachers

If you are as busy as most private music instructors, you don’t have a ton of time to create worksheets for your students. There is a great website out there that has tons of customizable worksheets and online exercises for your students. The best part, most of it is free! has tons of online resources to help music teachers build a better studio and experience for their students. With the Practice Spot Rhythm Machine you can test your sight reading skills with thousands of automatically generated rhythms. You will never have to come up with rhythm exercises for your students again. Just punch in few requirements, hit generate and you will get up to 12 measures of rhythmic challenges just for your student.

With the scales chef, you can generate your own manual of scales and for a little bit extra it will create arpeggios and more as well and you don’t even have to break out the music notation software. The sight reading chef and sight reading genie will give you tons of sight reading exercises as well. It should take them quite a while to burn through all of those sight reading exercises.

There is also a note identification game, manuscript generator, dictionary of 1200 musical terms and a music theory sheet generator. This site really is the all in one site for your students and a great resource for the busy music teacher as well.

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