Respiratory system

Want to help you students to see how the respiratory system works? Check out the American Lung Associations website. It has a fun interactive teaching tool that will describe how each part of the respiratory system works and show it in action.

This is a great teaching tool for students of all ages because the simple, colorful cartoon illustration is accurate without being too graphic and detailed. It high-lights each selected part of the system and gives a simple description of the role that each part plays in breathing. Once you (or a student) has clicked through each part of the respiratory track, you can view a demonstration of all of the pieces in action. The illustration even has blue air on the inhale and red air on the exhale. There is a self executing file that you can download as well to use when you don’t have access to the internet. (Unfortunately, it is a Windows application and I run a Macintosh computer, so I wasn’t able to test this feature.) You can also view the website in a printer friendly form (if you want to create a hand out for students.) and email it (if you would like to send it to students.)

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