Rachel & Craig FINALLY meet (long-time MTH buddies)

I was pleased to be the recipient of a NATS (National Association of Teachers of Singing) Independent Teaching Fellowship this year.  This new award was created by NATS to better facilitate the participation by private studio teachers (who make up most of the membership, but are least likely to hold Board positions) in NATS and attendance at conferences.  The Fellowship covered the cost of the conference fees, as well as a ticket to the private show that Kelli O’Hara gave the conference attendees.  I have to say that I would not have been at the conference without the Fellowship.

Sessions that I attended and their “big ideas” were:

Full Session 1: “Male Voice Master Class,” Stephen King, presenter

The big idea: BREATH is everything, EASE of breath is even more.

Special Session: “Solo/Choral Singing: A Symbiotic Relationship.” Panel composed of: Dr. Sharon Hanson (moderator), Tim Sharp (Executive Director of ACDA), Martha Randall (Past President of NATS), Dr.Brenda Smith (author of Choral Pedagogy), Dr. Brady Allred (Director of Choral Studies at University of Utah), Scott McCoy (NATS Immediate Past President), and Allen Henderson (NATS President). [···]

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