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This week, we’re announcing three more exciting upcoming feature improvements that will be ready later this month.

Set Attendance Separately for Each Student in a Group Lesson 

You will soon have the option to set individual attendance for group lessons. Sometimes it’s helpful to provide individual lesson notes for a student in a group lesson and setting their attendance individually will allow this. You’ll still have the efficient option to set attendance collectively and send off notes to the entire group. This highly requested improvement provides an additional option with more flexibility.

Student Profile Photos

One of the upcoming improvements to the student area will be the option to add a student profile photo. For larger studios, it’s nice to put a face to a name, especially for those new students. And your students will have a more personalized experience when using Music Teacher’s Helper.  

More Customizable Rate Options


Rates settings Cropped No Border

Last but not least, rates will be updated so you can have greater flexibility and customization in how you charge your students and update your rates for multiple students at once. Rather than only being able to charge per lesson or a flat fee, under the new rates feature you will be able to set up rate packages to:

  • Bill hourly, weekly, monthly, or by  semester
  • Charge for a series of lessons (a set amount for a certain number of lessons that you specify)
  • Bill up front in a lump sum or pro-rate the amount over the rate package
  • Choose to receive a reminder to reschedule a student when they are nearing the end of the lessons they paid for

All of this will be managed from one easy place in your Settings so you can create, edit and remove rate packages as needed and then assign each student a particular rate package that meets both their needs and schedule as well as yours.

Have questions about these upcoming features? Email us anytime at

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software for music teachers

No major announcements this week. Just some minor fixes.

Improvements Made This Week:

  • Completed a major ‘under the hood’ technology update to increase the speed, performance, security, and pace of development.
  • Added the ability to sort files by clicking the column header in the File Area.
  • Solved a bug that interfered with student registration for some members.
  • Made a few dozen improvements and bug fixes reported by the Music Teacher’s Helper Quality and Assurance Team.

Let us know what improvements you’d like to see by giving your feedback here. And if you experience an issue while using the software, or just have general questions, please do not hesitate to contact or 1-800-517-2811. Thank you for using Music Teacher’s Helper. Have a great week!

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software for music teachers

Each month, we continue to add features to Music Teacher’s Helper, including the mobile apps.

We are also working behind the scenes on a new look for Music Teacher’s Helper. We will continue to add features every month, but some of the features promised will not be available until the newly designed look is launched, at which time we will continue to add the new, great features to the software each month. While the look and feel of Music Teacher’s Helper will change at some point, adding features is a fluid process that is happening now and will continue after the switch.

A list of requested features is compiled from members through the forum as well as from tickets and phone calls. Please add your input. It’s greatly appreciated by our team. Thank you for understanding and thank you for using Music Teacher’s Helper!

Changes made this week:

  • 34 small improvements and corrections made from bugs reported by the Quality & Assurance Team.
  • Updated security rules to allow educational emails such as ““.
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