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A couple months ago I developed a Studio Etiquette. With a large number of students and their family members coming and going every week, I decided that it was time I put something in writing. It has worked very well!

My Studio Etiquette is different from Studio Policy. It does not deal with payment, cancelation, or make-ups, but addresses student and family behavior at the studio. Many of my students are very young, with even younger siblings, and it was becoming more and more frustrating and time consuming to clean the studio at the end of each teaching day, not to mention wipe off ghastly finger marks off my beloved piano! Since implementing the Studio Etiquette, my cleaning time has reduced, and I am much happier at the end of a busy teaching day. I have fine tuned the details, and would like to share my updated list with the MTH community. [···]

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This is an article that I wrote last spring, but it seems like perfect timing for those of you looking to grow your studio next Fall or even this Spring. It’s never too early to ask lots of questions and start planning ……or not! Since writing this, I went on to open a small music school in Brooklyn, NY:

For the past three months I have been laying the groundwork for expanding my teaching studio in the fall. I currently don’t teach that many students (13) as I have a number of other professional commitments in music. I spend part of every week scoring for TV/Documentaries from my home studio and the other part practicing for gigs around New York. I have in the last year, though, become really excited about teaching like never before. Not exactly sure what has changed though I think watching my two daughters grow up and seeing how they learn has a lot to do with it. Something seems to have clicked and I’ve decided it’s time to ratchet it up a notch. But then I get a bit nervous….

When is it just the right balance between teaching, performing, and composing? Finding balance, this is my topic for today. [···]

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As the end of the Australian school year quickly approaches I have found myself once again writing reports for each of my students. Giving each student a progress report is something that I had not considered in my private studio until I expanded my teaching practice into schools and was required to write reports every 6 months. I now do this in my private studio as well, with very positive results.

There are great benefits for students, parents and teachers that come from taking the time to reflect and report on student progress. Some of the benefits include – [···]

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