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While those of us in Australia are starting to rug up for the winter, I know that the summer break is quickly approaching for the rest of the world. The summer break can be a fantastic opportunity to refresh and revitalise with a well-earned rest, or to undertake your own professional development. It is also an excellent opportunity to expand the skills and knowledge base of your existing students, and to attract new students to your studio by running summer workshops.

Below is a list of 20 workshop ideas – [···]

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I am a teacher who does not usually struggle with fixing a vocal problem or finessing a vocal line, but does struggle with keeping herself organized! I have three assistants at this time who help me overcome this deficiency. One manages my scheduling, a second manages my billing, and the third manages and arranges my student’s and vocal group’s performances. The latter two work just a few hours a month. The former oversees any lesson changes I need to make to accommodate my directing and performing or changes that may be requested by my students and their families, and she usually works 10 hours or so a month. [···]

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Photo: Anita Martinz

In my practice as a life coach for musicians, one of the issues my clients frequently bring up is a lack of energy, and so I recently began a list of all the ways we constrict, repress or dissipate our energy unnecessarily.

Do you have as much as energy as you’d like? With a packed teaching and/or performing schedule, it’s easy to end up feeling tired all the time. Fatigue can be physical, emotional, mental, creative, or even spiritual.

This month, I’m looking deeper at the causes of mental and emotional fatigue, and offering some tools to assist you to step free. [···]

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