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It’s summer and time for teachers to have coffee and pastries! I hope your cakes are delicious! It’s nice to have a break, but many teach full or part time in the summer.



COPY & PASTE + EDIT! [···]

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These smaller feature tweaks and fixes announced each week is just a portion of what our programming team spends their time on. The majority of their time is spent working to bring you a much-improved user experience that include new and overhauled features based mostly on member input. We will continue to release these larger feature upgrades gradually and be sure to let you know with in-software announcements and emails. Great changes are coming that we know you will be so pleased with.

This week’s feature updates & fixes:

  • Added the ability to upload multiple files at once to the File Upload area.
  • Fixed a bug that occurred when copying and pasting events on the calendar.
  • Fixed some bugs in the display of blocked dates on the calendar.
  • Corrected a Google Calendar sync issue that occurred for teachers with a high number of events.
  • Increased the allowed size of the text box for lesson notes on the multiple lesson reconciliation screen.
  • Fixed a handful of technical bugs.
  • Corrected and optimized several issues reported by our internal Quality Assurance team.

Please contact one of our support reps if you are experiencing an issue and we’ll get on it right away. If you have an idea for a new feature, please submit it here. Many of the current features were ideas submitted by members. Happy teaching!

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DRAG yourself to the beach and DROP onto that lawn chair!

Despite how much I love teaching, I genuinely look forward to my time off. After a long January through March with no breaks, I can hardly wait for Spring Break! beach

Do you ever hold lessons for part of a day before a vacation starts, or occasionally cancel some, but not all, lessons on a given day?


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