tax organization

Tax day is coming soon!

Does that sentence fill you with dread?

Or are you lucky enough to be one of those music teachers who has all of your receipts in perfectly organized envelopes, a well-filled-out mileage tracking notebook in the glovebox of your car, and a tax accountant on hand to answer any tricky tax questions?

If, indeed, you are one of these blessed souls, can I come watch how you work? Can I adopt your systems? Because here is how tax season works at my house. [···]

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Hey gang,

Thanks to Michelle Payne and Ed Pearlman for starting the dialogue about taxes in their recent blog posts. I am going to expound further on Ed and Michelle’s blogs. They showed you what you can deduct, I’m going to offer suggestions on how keep all of your records organized so they are easy to deal with at tax time.  I can’t say this will definitely work for you, but I know this system works for me.  Staying organized and doing minor tax prep tasks year round will make tax time less stressful.

I own a fanfold file folder and several plastic file boxes. The fanfold folder is setup in this manner: [···]

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