The average time spent on a website is less than 60 seconds!

How can we, who have a website, possibly hope to engage with our audience and encourage them to want our services? There are some basic marketing techniques that can help our virtual “shop window” look attractive and encourage potential customers to “step inside.”

Put Your Feet in Their Shoes

The most effective way to present ourselves is to consider what information prospective clients want to know. Give them this information quickly and easily and their experience on your website will be satisfying. What do they want to know?

What instrument/s do you teach? Where are you located? How much do your lessons cost?

Think for a moment how frustrating it is when you look at a product for sale that doesn’t have a price tag, you can’t work out where a company is located or what exactly it is “they do!” You can see how important it is to clearly state your


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Thank you to all who participated in the Testimonial Contest this week. I was overwhelmed with the great number of responses and fabulous testimonials we received. I’m glad you love Music Teacher’s Helper so much!

I read testimonial after testimonial that stated how MTH is helping you run a more organized and professional studio, saving you time, money, and even helping you be a better teacher. Many of you also commented on our fantastic support team. They really do a great job, don’t they?

Because of the number of responses and the high quality of all of the testimonials, in both text and video, I decided that a random drawing would be the most fair way to pick a winner. So after running a random query in our database, the winner came back as… [···]

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Here are the updates we’ve made to Music Teacher’s Helper this month (see below). We’re also are getting closer to launching our new website, which includes a brand new design, both on our home page, and in the “logged in” area. So stay tuned for some exciting improvements there!

Also, we’re hosting a Testimonial Contest, where you can win a free year subscription to Music Teacher’s Helper! Simply tell us what you love about Music Teacher’s Helper, along with a photo of yourself, and you may be the lucky winner! We’ll also be selecting several of these testimonials to showcase on our new website. To enter, please submit your testimonial before this Friday, March 5, at the link below:


Okay, here are the recent updates:

  • Feature: You can now change the date input format to day/month/year or month/day/year from Home -> Preferences.
  • Feature: Invoice Notification E-mail Template now has a variable options for “Amount Due” and “Paypal Link”, so students can see the amount and pay for their invoice without opening the PDF attachment.
  • BugFix: Teachers who have been having trouble with automatic invoices not sending the past few days – the problem is now fixed.
  • BugFix: Issues with event cost changing after being invoiced should now be fixed.
  • BugFix: Make-up lessons now go to next page properly, if more than 10 make-ups showing.
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