the whole musician

Books-and-MusicI started piano lessons at five and thus found one of my great loves. Music has given shape to my life. But I have a great love that precedes even those lessons: words. Books, essays, poetry, lyrics: I love them all.

So what could I love more than words about music?

Well, cookies, of course. But since I’m trying to limit sugar, I have found some wonderful words to share with you all.

Sting’s Commencement Address at the Berklee College of Music

In 1994, Sting gave the commencement address at Berklee. He talks about his first memories, how he became a musician, the power of music, as well as the power of silence within music. One of my favorite passages:

“When you watch a musician play—when he enters that private musical world—you often see a child at play, innocent and curious, full of wonder at what can only be adequately described as a mystery—a sacred mystery even.  [···]

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Photo: Anita Martinz

In my practice as a life coach for musicians, one of the issues my clients frequently bring up is a lack of energy, and so I recently began a list of all the ways we constrict, repress or dissipate our energy unnecessarily.

Do you have as much as energy as you’d like? With a packed teaching and/or performing schedule, it’s easy to end up feeling tired all the time. Fatigue can be physical, emotional, mental, creative, or even spiritual.

This month, I’m looking deeper at the causes of mental and emotional fatigue, and offering some tools to assist you to step free. [···]

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