Using Music Teacher’s Helper

One of the most satisfying aspects of being a working musician and teacher is the sheer variety and depth of activities that I participate in on a regular basis.  On this blog, Ed Pearlman has already written a very insightful article on the value of keeping up these types of activities in The Performing Teacher.  The demands of a busy schedule and the difficulties of scheduling, contact management, and invoicing have meant that I have traditionally used a hodge-podge of devices, software, and services to keep track of my professional life.

Fortunately, at the 2007 MTNA Collaborative Conference in Toronto I stumbled upon the Music Teacher’s Helper booth, where I first learned that there was an easy-to-use integrated solution for studio management.  However, my problem was that I needed a solution not just for teaching, but for keeping track of my entire musical life, which includes examining, adjudicating, committee work, attending workshops, playing for auditions, doing recordings, and performing with a large cast of musicians and companies.

So when I bit the bullet earlier this year and ordered my Platinum MTH account, one of the things that I found most attractive about the plan was that the number of active students was listed as “unlimited”, fully intending to exercise that option.  My goal was to find a way to utilize the various billing, scheduling, invoicing and contact services available on MTH to organize my musical life under one roof.

And I figured out how.

This is an introductory posting to a multi-part series on how to make the features of Music Teacher’s Helper work for your own unique musical life.  Articles to follow will deal with step-by-step tips, tricks, hacks, and work-arounds on subjects such as:

  • Adding organizations and groups as part of your student list
  • Maximizing the possibilities of event scheduling
  • Customizing email features to reach people (including yourself) when you want, or not at all
  • Extend the scope of your MTH website through adding pages and embedding stuff
  • Track income from students, organizations, and employers
  • Elementary task management (based on some ideas previously mentioned by Ronnie Currey)

Comments about your own ways of using MTH are welcome throughout the series.  Stay tuned for Part 1…

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