Using Music Teacher’s Helper

Happy students don’t quit piano lessons!image

What is more  important than keeping your current customers?

Use Music Teacher Helper to have happy students by communicating on a regular basis.

The lesson notes feature of Music Teachers Helper is helpful in that you can send any message after each lesson.

Use lesson notes to retain students!


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This week we released a major codebase improvement as part of our ongoing efforts to modernize the software and increase speed, stability, and security. We hope that you are seeing the results with fast response times and zero downtime. Other improvements made this week:

  • Corrected a bug that caused an “Invalid Format” error for some members to appear when entering parent email addresses.
  • Made the date field required when creating an invoice.
  • Added a notification that appears when a link is deleted from the links area to make the process more clear.
  • Updated the student registration form to make selecting student birthdays easier in the date picker popup.
  • Solved a bug that occurred when navigating to the student homepage and teacher announcement page for some members.
  • Fixed the search function on the Fees and Credits page to show correct results.
  • Added several help prompts and info boxes to help teachers navigate the site more effectively.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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CONFUSED Lesson notes EXCEL with MTH!

How do your students know what to do at home, after their lesson? [···]

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