Video Tutorials

We’re pleased to announce a brand new set of video tutorials for Music Teacher’s Helper! These video tutorials are in HD quality, and are also shorter, more direct, and cover more specific areas of the program. For example, there are now separate videos to learn about the lending library, the practice log, how to reconcile lessons, and how to track payments, etc. We will soon be adding a few extra videos to cover the Home page, the Student section, and a video that students and parents can watch to learn how to use their side of Music Teacher’s Helper.

You can view the videos from our Support page at:

Or you can click the “Help” link after you login into your account, to see the video tutorials along with our other support methods such as the knowledge base, FAQ, Community Forum, and contacting our support team directly.

We hope you enjoy the new videos. Below¬†are the other features and bug fixes we’ve added this month.

New Features

  • Feature: You can now subscribe/unsubscribe from our monthly e-mail newsletter from the Settings -> Contact Info page.
  • Feature: You can now put multiple e-mail addresses in your teacher profile, separated by comma or semicolon.
  • Feature: Lent Items List now  [···]
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