Last month, a former student started guitar lessons with me after a long hiatus. She was one of my best last year, and unfortunately, lack of upkeep has atrophied her once strong hands. So, I decided to create an exercise routine for her hands! I love yoga for my body, and sometimes I joke around that guitar chords are like doing yoga with your hands. You have to be strong and flexible in order to get into the really tough positions. Afterward, I thought, maybe the other teachers on Music Teacher’s Helper would like to know this routine! I think it would work for piano students too. Be sure to work both hands at the same time whether you are a guitarist or not. In the guitar, both hands must be strong and flexible! With each position you want to really feel a stretch, so push it to your maximum. Try to make the pose perfect and straight. When you point one finger up, point it STRAIGHT up, not bent. When you spread your palms wide, really SPREAD them WIDE.

I put together a video of a condensed routine. I go pretty fast, but you should take your time with each pose. I got a little goofy when naming the poses. See if you can guess which poses I named “Hang Ten,” “Heavy Metal,” “Peace Sign,” “Rock Pose,” “Sun Burst,” “Skyscraper,” “Bad Word,” “Fake Bad Word,” “Pinky.”

Yes, that is a stuck up middle finger in the routine, but who cares? You have to exercise all of your fingers! Laugh a little and tell your student you won’t tell on them 🙂











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Being a teacher requires you to give a lot of your energy to your students. If you don’t spend time taking care of yourself and replenishing your own energy levels, you may get burned out. Summer is a great time to focus on yourself. Here are a few ideas that I’ve come up with to help you replenish your own energy. If you add a couple of these to your weekly schedule, they will pay off big time.


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