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Taming The Sheet Music Tiger – Part 4 – DIY Footswitch

After several years of trusty service, my Dell laptop died this week. I decided Christmas would come early at my studio this year with the purchase of a Lenovo tablet PC. In doing so, I would finally have my PDF music library project go mobile.

You can check out the previous installments of this series to get the backstory. In short, I was growing tired of trying to effectively store and organize all of my sheet music and lesson materials. The collection of materials takes up many bookcases and boxes of space. Plus, I wanted to scan all of my books and lesson materials so I could carry just my laptop to other studios when I taught, instead of a bag or two of method books, plus my instruments.

Here are links to the previous installments if you want to see the back story on this project:

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I’ve purchased the Footime page turner to use with my new tablet PC. But I’ve wondered what would happen if the footswitch didn’t do everything I really desired. And what could I do if I wanted to customize the operation of the footswitch? A friend sent me this video today…a DIY footswitch. The video shows how to make a page turner for Google reader, but you could easily customize the footswitch to control any keystoke you desire.

Click here to check out the DIY footswitch video on YouTube.

In my next installment of “Taming the Sheet Music Tiger”, the whole project comes together. Stay tuned!

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