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The Savvy Music Teacher — new book and website

The Savvy Music Teacher is a new book just out this month, offering a comprehensive look at what goes into making a decent living as a music teacher.  The goal of the book is to provide a strategy for making a positive impact on your community and translating that into a good income for yourself.  The book includes detailed discussions about music teaching options, a variety of income streams, financial explanations and strategies, and stories about successful experiences from over 150 savvy music teachers.

savvymusicteachercoverAuthor David Cutler, the Director of Music Entrepreneurship at the University of South Carolina, starts by asking the readers to become aware of their own teaching formulas and priorities, while highlighting numerous ways to freshen or rethink methods and content.  For many teachers, this discussion might inspire some new ideas about how to match teaching approaches and formats with their personal interests and style.

A review of Cutler’s previous book, The Savvy Musician, can be found in an earlier Music Teachers’ Helper blog post at this link.

Read on, and enjoy an overview of the book, as well as a look at the book’s companion website…

After comparing music teacher incomes to other careers, and delving into teaching approaches, the book provides detailed descriptions, options, and income blueprints for seven different “income streams” that music teachers have found themselves making use of in their careers:  Lessons, classes, camps, events, technology, product sales, and collaboration with institutions or with other musicians in both teaching and performance.

Other topics that are developed in the book cover ideas on teaching locations, marketing strategies, time management, and how to create a financial blueprint to earn $50,000-$100,000 a year.  Written in an informal and friendly style, the book seeks to make teachers comfortable with the non-musical aspects of running a teaching business.  Cutler, a musician and teacher himself, understands the need for flexibility, while offering detailed suggestions about a variety of options.

Online, you can see the book’s table of contents at its companion website.  The site also gives links to all of the more than 150 savvy music teachers whose stories and experiences are discussed in the book (including yours truly, by the way).

In addition, the website lists an extensive bibliography covering all of the following subjects:  Music teaching business, music career guides, technology in music teaching, practicing, performance anxiety, business and marketing, websites and social media, time management, financial management, and teaching philosophies.

In support of the financial part of the book, the website also provides worksheets to help teachers with the following calculations and strategies:  Net worth, credit score, investments, financial goals, budgeting, savings, tax deductions, earning goals, income blueprint, and an impact blueprint.

The book is sure to provide a useful reference guide for music teachers for many years to come.

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Ed Pearlman
Ed Pearlman has focused on performing, teaching, and judging fiddle music for over 30 years, offering performances and workshops throughout the USA and in Canada and Scotland. His original training was with members of the Chicago and Boston Symphonies, and he played with orchestras and chamber groups at Yale and in Boston. He currently teaches privately in Maine and at workshops around the countr... [Read more]


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