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Theory Terminator!


A game of “Terminator” in full swing! From left to right, Lauren, Amanda (Mom) and Alisha Adams

Let’s be honest! Who enjoys learning a long list of Italian terms for their music theory exam? Not many! Here’s an idea for making learning music terms fun! Enter “Terminator!”

Giving the activity an exciting name is half the battle. The two girls pictured are currently preparing for their grade 2 theory exam so we called the game “Terminator 2.” Lauren and Alisha have downloaded free buzzer apps onto their phones and their Mom, Amanda, has really embraced the role of game host giving the girls a fun way of learning their terms several nights a week between lessons in the lead up to their exam.

There are lots of ways of calling the questions: asking for English definitions of Italian words, or what is the Italian word for the English definition, holding up a symbol drawn on paper or an iPad and asking for an explanation, true or false, putting words into sequence and the list goes on.

What I absolutely love is the ownership that the family has taken for their learning. Also, how learning important but less appealing things, which has the potential to be a “stumbling block” can be turned into a “stepping stone.” Not only can long lists of terms be committed to the long-term memory but it can also be lots of fun!

I can’t wait for “Terminator 3” now!

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