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Time for Studio Break

As of right now, I have two more teaching days before taking a two-and-half week studio summer break! Of course, all of us music teachers know that we can never truly take a break from music, (it is in our soul!) so what I am talking about here is taking a break from our regular teaching schedule.

I will admit that when I first started teaching, the idea of taking a studio break scared me – no teaching meant no income. It still scares me a little, as I have not built teacher vacation time into my tuition policy, but I have found that since implementing a summer break, I always come back to teaching with renewed energy and enthusiasm, as well as appreciation for all of my students, even those that do not practice as much as they should!

The month leading up to the studio break is the busiest time of the year, with numerous student activities. Aside from preparing my students for National Piano Guild auditions, local music festivals, and various competitions, this was my pre-break to-do list:

1. Plan and hold Studio Summer Recital.

2. Write and publish Studio Report.

3. Review and update studio fees and policy


I am glad to say that I have accomplished all of the above! During my break, aside from spending some quality time with family, I have the following to-do list:

1. Attend MTAC convention (if you are looking for professional development courses to attend this summer, check out the MTNA Summer Programs Directory).

2. Catch up on my own practice!

3. Do some studio marketing – Some students may not return after the studio break. I have long learned that students come and go; it is the nature of our business. Students graduate, relocate, drop out, move on – it is important to keep a waiting list if you want your studio to stay full.


I know that before long, I will be onto my post-break to-do list – “Time for Back to School!

Do you take studio break in the summer? How does it impact your income? Would you care to share your to-do lists with other music teachers?

Here is wishing everyone a great summer, and I hope you will take a break – you deserve it!

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Yiyi Ku
Yiyi Ku is a pianist and teacher. Born in Taiwan, she grew up in New Zealand and obtained her Master of Music degree with Distinction in Composition and Piano Performance from the University of Canterbury. Yiyi also holds a Licentiate in Piano Performance from the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music. She is a Nationally Certified Teacher of Music in Piano from Music Teachers National As... [Read more]


  1. Ryan Record

    I always end up teaching a band camp during my break!! ugh!!!!

  2. Bella Payne

    I have one more break until my vacation and I am already anticipating it! The last week is the hardest, and the most challenging. Yes, I take a hit and lose some money, but if you take the break during the Summer you probably have a lot of cancellations anyway, so it’s no big deal. You must take breaks in order to stay healthy and energized. When I get back, I will be a better teacher 🙂

  3. Bella Payne

    Oops that was supposed to say “one more WEEK until my vacation.”

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