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Time to write a Studio Report

As the school academic year is coming to an end, many students will be starting summer vacation soon. It is a busy time of the year, as we prepare our students for that last audition/recital/jury/competition, before they take off for the summer. Most companies provide their shareholders and investors an end-of-year report, outlining the year’s activities and successes. As I gather information to put together my end-of-year Studio Report (using the Pages App on my iPad), I would like to share with fellow teachers some of my thoughts.

My Studio Report is separate from individual student progress reports. Although it is one more item on our never-ending “To-do” list, taking the time to write a Studio Report has many advantages, including:

1. Keep your current students
2. Attract potential new students
3. Important record-keeping for teacher certification/renewal

My Studio Report usually consists of the following:

1. Student accomplishments

If your students participate in various auditions/festivals/recitals throughout the year, remind them how proud you are of their efforts and successes. Include pictures of performances and any certificates or medals they received. This is also a great way to advertise your studio. Remember, it is the nature of our business that students come and go, and it is quite common that some students may not come back for lessons after the summer, due to whatever reason. We should always be prepared for vacant time slots, and having a studio report showcasing your current students’ accomplishments is a great way to promote your studio.

2. Studio calendar

Apart from outlining your teaching schedule, also include important dates such as music exam or recital dates. You can also outline a list of events you plan to have your students participate in the coming year. A busy studio full of activities is more attractive than a quiet studio!

3. Studio equipments

Have you purchased any special equipments or teaching resources for your studio? Do you plan on getting more supplies and new instruments for the new school year? Definitely include these in the Studio Report! Your students will benefit from these investments, and parents should know about that!

4. Studio policy

If you plan to change your studio policy regarding your rates, cancelation and make-up policy, this is also a good way to announce the changes.

5. About the teacher

What’s going on in your life? Plans for the future? Share with your students/parents community any news that may be of interest to them, including any professional and personal accomplishments.

6. Thank you note

Don’t forget to thank the parents for their support. Without their commitment to lessons, your hard work can not be realized.

Summer is a great time to rejuvenate. As we look forward to a lighter teaching load, start planning for the new school year and be prepared for unexpected empty time slots. A yearly¬†Studio Report will help you keep track of your studio’s activities and growth (come in handy for teacher certification and renewal purposes), retain current¬†students, as well as attract new students.

What do you include in your studio report? Do share with your fellow music teachers!

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Yiyi Ku
Yiyi Ku is a pianist and teacher. Born in Taiwan, she grew up in New Zealand and obtained her Master of Music degree with Distinction in Composition and Piano Performance from the University of Canterbury. Yiyi also holds a Licentiate in Piano Performance from the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music. She is a Nationally Certified Teacher of Music in Piano from Music Teachers National As... [Read more]


  1. Innesa

    There are some good points in your post. thank you for sharing.

  2. James Harding

    This is a GREAT idea. Thank you!!

    I was just talking to our studio coordinator about “sense of accomplishment” and how we need to find ways to give music students the same “graduation” feel martial arts students have when they complete a level. How do we honor “black belt musicians”?

    Great food for thought! Thank you.


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