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Tip for Arizona Teachers (or others not using DST)

MTH, fabulous website that it is, doesn’t yet support Arizona not using Daylight Savings Time.  This morning, when I went to reconcile my lessons, some weren’t yet showing.  I had forgotten that I’d set my Time Zone to Pacific (GMT-8:00), because there is not yet a support for Arizona (GMT-7:00, no DST).  In this way, I work around the website, and make sure lessons always come up to be reconciled.

So, after brief confusion, I swiftly changed my Time Zone (in preferences) back to Mountain Standard Time.  All fixed!  MTH is working on this, but it’s down the list.  Since the fix is so easy, I’d much rather other problems be fixed first.  So, no worries!  Easy to fix.

Happy November!

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