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Nonsecure Items On Page?

I recently received an email from a paying subscriber:

“I have used this website for 2 months, and I don’t know how I lived without it before!! it’s great! Thank you. Starting about a week ago, I’m getting all the time a window that says: ‘Security information: this page contains both secure and nonsecure items, would you like to display the nonsecure items?’ How do I get rid of it?”

Since we added SSL Data Encryption for paying plans, some teachers have noticed a warning when they login saying that there are secure and non-secure items on the page. This is a warning that Internet Explorer gives if not all the references to files on the page are https. Unfortunately (and incorrectly), it also gives the error if any of the links are pointing to about:blank, or null – which is still secure. Other browsers (such as Mozilla Firefox) do not warn about this since it is not a security issue.

But to get around this IE bug we changed a few links. It turns out the culprits were the bar chart on the home page, and the question mark help icons (when you hover over them).

Paying subscribers using Internet Explorer should no longer get warning about this unsecure items on a page. Thank you to those who pointed this out to me!

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Brandon Pearce
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