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Updates in June 2011

Here is a list of our recent updates to Music Teacher’s Helper. Most of these are smaller bugs, but we’re also working on some new features that have been requested in our feedback system. If you have suggestions for how we can improve, please vote on the ideas or submit your own by clicking here.

  • Good news to all UK Teachers! we’ve added a ‘Language’ option in ‘Settings’ that changes ‘check’ to ‘cheque’ in the system.
  • Welcome emails and lesson note emails are now recorded in the email history.
  • When using Safari, some buttons appeared doubled. We’ve fixed this.
  • Lending Library wouldn’t let you lend an Library item with an apostrophe. This is now fixed.
  • The website address overlapped on the pdf version of invoices. We’ve fixed this.
  • We’ve made the ‘Create Invoices’ page more clear by changing the ‘View / Save Options’ section to ‘Save in History’ & ‘Save and Email.’
  • Invoice printing/emailing were generating error messages. This is now fixed.
  • Photo captions were disorderly when the sentences were too long. We’ve fixed this so you can put longer photo captions now.
  • We’ve fixed a rare bug in the Edit Parent form where usernames and passwords were not being updated.

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Brandon Pearce
Brandon Pearce is the founder and CEO of Music Teacher's Helper, a web-based software program to help music teachers manage the business aspects of teaching music lessons.

A piano teacher and computer programmer himself, he created Music Teacher's Helper as a side project to manage his own students, and in 2004, made it available for music teachers worldwide.

Since then, it has grown to supp... [Read more]

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  1. Chris Tod

    Thank you for adding the email in history on lesson notes. Sometimes I couldn’t think of something right then and wasn’t sure if I had emailed the notes or not.

    I like the save and email change also.

    You show us that you are really interested in us and want to create a good product. Congratulations goes to your entire staff!

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