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Use Lesson Reminders to Help Students Stay on Target with Goal Setting

May is that time of year when year-end recitals are happening, exams are right around the corner, and music teachers are working at a feverish pace to get students ready for their upcoming performances. Often students need that extra push to work just a bit harder in order to meet upcoming goals, deadlines, and expectations.

How can teachers use MTH’s functionality to drive home the importance of what the goals are and what date they need to be accomplished by? Here’s a quick tutorial on how to add goal-setting language to lesson reminders:

1. Be sure to make goals clear in the lesson, and list them in the lesson notes. This can easily be done whether you write your lesson notes, email your student directly, or use the Notes box when you reconcile lessons.

2. After you’ve reconciled the current lesson, go to the student’s next lesson in the Calendar and click Edit. This will bring up the event listing menu.

3. In the Description field, clearly list the goals that need to be accomplished for the next lesson. Some language I’ve used in the last while: “GOAL:”, “PROCESS:”, “In this lesson, we will…”.

4. Click the “Email Reminder Now” checkbox and save the event. This will instantly send the reminder to the student and parent’s email addresses, in addition to any automatic reminders already set up. The goal language you’ve written in the Description field will then appear in the Lesson Notes field of the reminder email, and will also appear in the Notes field when you reconcile the next lesson.

5. At the next lesson, inform your student whether or not they’re hit the week’s goals, then mark the goals as either accomplished or not accomplished when you reconcile the event. This will send a clear message to the student and parent that your expectations either are or are not being met.

What mechanisms do you create for goal-setting processes in lessons? How do you integrate this process into your use of Music Teacher’s Helper? As always, your comments are welcome.

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  1. Harry

    Nice post.

    May I also suggest a goal setting system called GoalsOnTrack. It’s a web-based goal tracking and time management tool, with a very nice web 2.0 interface, and has many nice features to help you keep track of goals, and most importantly it lets you better organize daily todos towards achieving goals. Highly recommend it for serious goal achievers.

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