This is part three of my series about interesting ways I use Music Teacher Helper in my studio not always per the software itself.

Keeping track of miscellaneous fees = Headaches

If your studio is like mine, you offer to purchase books and materials for your students. Not only is this a nice service to the customer but it assures that students will have the correct supplies when needed.

My October 2013 blog post discussed ways to earn extra income by offering supplies for the students.

Headachesheadache image

Keeping track of all theses book and miscellaneous charges is, quite frankly, a pain. First you have to remember to get payment from the student. That job is made easier by adding the fees on MTH, however it is up to you to remember to actually add the fee. How many times do you go through your bookkeeping and realize a charge you paid was not transferred to the student for which the purchase was made?


Most transactions come with an email invoice. I flag the invoice when it arrives and regularly review all flagged emails. This is helpful for orders for specific students, such as downloaded eprints. However, when I hand out new books I must remember to place the fees and have several methods that have worked. The simplest solution I have is to place a specific sticker on the front of each book that has been invoiced.

Using MTH creatively to help eliminate the headaches

You may add as much information as you wish to the fee section of MTH. See picture that shows I have added the name of websites from which I ordered eprints. This allows me to easily pull the invoice from my Photo of Fees detailsemails by searching for that particular company.

Also note that I list the date materials were delivered in the fee section.

Making sure the fees are added to the next invoice

As I invoice prior to lessons every 2 months, I often make purchases for students before the next payment. To assure that the fee is added to the next invoice, I simply add the 1st date of the next billing period.

You may also search by un-invoiced transactions (see picture 2) to assure that you find any you forgot to date correctly, or simply include the past billing dates on your invoices.Edit fee picture

Depending on whether you do invoicing manually or automatically, you will want to decide which invoicing option works best to assure all fees are added to the invoices.

I hope this was helpful to you!

How do you use MTH creatively?
It is fun to see how others use MTH creatively in ways not intended by the software. Photo of section of Invoicing - close up of Transaction InformationPlease feel free to share your ideas and my next post may contain your ideas!

May the rest of your day be filled with beautiful music! Ms Jean

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