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Using MTH Creatively IIX – Change is good!

Do you agree with the old saying, “Change is good”?

When it comes to your music schedule do you feel the opposite? 58d462fe35a78acd03ccabe1265f0a3d

Do you often find yourself making schedule changes and fearing the worst:

That the student (and you) will forget the change?



MTH allows you to edit events and send reminders to those that the change will affect.

Use your MTH calendar creatively to be most efficient in making changes.

The FILTERS option on calendar may be an option that is not often used but very useful.

Using the filters section on the right side of the calendar will help you sort to see only those students for whom you need to make a change. This allows you to easily view the change (even for multiple months) to assure that the change has been properly made rather than viewing the calendar with multiple events.

1. Click on Studentsfilters section
2. Click “none” – which clears all the checked names
3. Click the name of the student for which you need to make changes.
4. Make the changes
5. Click quickly through the months to assure the changes applied properly

Note: You may click more than one name and use the same technique.

CATEGORIES option on events: You may use special categories to highlight changes on your calendar with different colors (see multicolor calendar) when you view your calendar you will see colors that show something out of the norm.

1. Click on event
2. Click edit
3. Go to categories section and change the category – example: Lesson time change

REMINDERS: The reminder option (that is available via the web calendar) will allow you to automatically send the student a reminder of the change.

1. Go to settings (upper right of calendar)
2. Click Email Notifications tab
3. Select the categories for which you wish to have reminders sent.

>Now you have efficiently used the MTH calendar to make changes and remind students to show at the correct new lesson time.

>Sit back and have a cup of coffee and enjoy the music: CHANGE IS GOOD!

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