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Using MTH Creatively IX – Drag and Drop!

DRAG yourself to the beach and DROP onto that lawn chair!

Despite how much I love teaching, I genuinely look forward to my time off. After a long January through March with no breaks, I can hardly wait for Spring Break! beach

Do you ever hold lessons for part of a day before a vacation starts, or occasionally cancel some, but not all, lessons on a given day?

Here is a quick and easy way to edit the calendar for a partial day of lessons.

The long way (not suggested):

Click on each individual lesson you will not hold (on a partial day of lessons) and delete each event.

The quick and easy method (highly recommended):

Since MTH has the wonderful “drag and drop” option, simply drag and drop each of the events you wish to cancel to a day when you do not teach (hopefully you have a day off). After you have “dragged and dropped” each of the events you wish to cancel to the day on which you do not have scheduled events, then select the delete all option and they will be erased from your calendar. I find this much quicker than deleting the events one by one.

Option: After you delete lessons which you will not teach on a given day, click the “Block Date” button and no events will be added to that day unless you  first “unblock” the day. These lessons on the “blocked date” will still show on the calendar and on invoices.

The drag and drop option is available on a PC but you are not able to drag and drop on an i pad so the best use of this idea will be on a regular computer.

Why is my piano running? IT’S READY FOR A VACATION TOO! piano runs picture

Happy time off – take it as you deserve it!

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  1. Robin Steinweg

    Jean, that sounds great! I have one question: when you say to click delete after dragging and dropping, which day do you do that on–the day you’re about to block, or the day to which you moved the students? Thanks!

  2. Jean

    Robin, you will want to delete the events which you dragged and dropped as those are the events you will not be teaching.

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