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Using MTH Creatively XI – I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO!!

CONFUSED Lesson notes EXCEL with MTH!

How do your students know what to do at home, after their lesson?

Music instructors often provide written instructions in addition to verbal instructions. There are many ways to do this including:

  1. Writing notes on each assigned page
  2. Writing notes in a practice book
  3. Emailing notes

At my studio I use number one and four. Writing notes on each assigned page assures students will (hopefully) read the notes. Using MTH to email lesson notes, after the lesson, allows communication with parents. One does not need to duplicate the notes from the book unless to make the parent aware of  something very specific

How to use MTH lesson notes creatively!

  1. First and VERY IMPORTANT  – Compliment student progress! This is an excellent way to help retain students – what parent doesn’t want to regularly hear nice things about their child?
  2.  Update student/parents on events.
  3.  Since this is likely the most read email; use it to communicate practice and other tips.
  4. Most recently I had had a light bulb go off! Why not create templates for the first few lessons for all new students? See information below.


Parents of new students often don’ t know how to assist their child and notes written during a lesson may be brief. One may eliminate this early confusion by creating goals and detailed instructions on what do to for each page.

One may either copy and paste from a word document or from previous 1st lessons by labeling the notes FIRST LESSON, SECOND LESSON ETC, then “sending” them to a fake student (so they are stored in your MTH lesson history).  You may easily find these by typing the words FIRST LESSON in the search bar of lesson history.

Final (AND BEST) tip! Type notes in a word documentimage before imagepasting into lesson notes for the fake student. One may use bullets to make the document more organized. End result – what the parent received looks amazing.

Have fun and may the rest of your day be filled with beautiful music! Ms Jean

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  2. Aaron Derington

    Great article! You make a good point about writing notes directly on the page the student is working on, so they are sure to see it. And I like the idea of creating templates with information that is pertinent to all beginning students. As a way to help myself remember lesson details, I take quick notes on my iPad using the Google Docs app. When I get home, I get on my laptop or desktop computer, open Google Docs (which is synced with the quick notes I jotted down on the iPad during the lesson), and fill out each of the lesson notes with more detailed information. Next, I copy and paste that to the “Description” section of the “Set Attendance” window. Then I email that to the parent. This really helps in case I have only a short amount of time to talk to the parent about their child’s progress after the lesson.

  3. jkroll

    Thank you Aaron, I like your ideas as well!

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