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Using MTH creatively – Lesson notes PLUS!

MTH has the wonderful option to send Lesson Notes after each lesson. Although designed to simply let parents know what’s assigned or happening at lessons, this is an opportunity to save yourself time and keep your customers informed!

Answering ten unnecessary emails = wasted time!

How many emails do you get askingĀ  questions about schedules or upcoming events, even though you previously sent emails or other correspondence with that exact information? Out of 10 emails sent, Lesson Notes are the most likely to be read because they are the most personal, often giving important information about each student.

Answer questions before they are asked = time saved!

Teachers don’t get paid for extra time spent on repeatedly answering questions that have already been answered.

Information in Lesson Notes may be simple or include detailed instructions. There is no one right way as every teacher has different ways of delivering assignments.

Lesson Notes PLUS = SOLUTION!

Every week when you create your weekly MTH Lesson Notes template include information on upcoming events for the next few months and perhaps the entire year (see picture below).


I have included a list of monthly events in every Lesson Note for many months and believe this has helped eliminate some unnecessary questions.

If we are in a session of weekly events that are tied together, I will use the strike though feature and write DONE on events as we complete them to help parents track what’s happening at the lesson.

An example: (We were doing a 3 week study of the baroque period of music).

DONE Week 1 (3/7- 3/11 – Students will receive and learn a simple piece from the baroque period, fill out a simple sheet of information about the composer they select, and draw or print a picture of that composer. Collect TP and PT rolls at home and bring them to Week 3 lesson.

music teaching tips

THIS WEEK -Week 2 (3/14-3/18) – Students will play the music at the lesson and may be recorded on placed on the facebook page.

Week 3 (3/21-4/1) – Students will make wigs with TP and PT rolls to look like that of the composer they selected.

Lesson Notes PLUS = Time for you!

Put your feet up and have another cup of coffee!


Communication is the key to success!

If you have any questions on how to produce templates such as shown in this article, please contact Music Teacher Support staff directly as they are set up to assist you and have answers to all your questions.

May the rest of your day be filled with beautiful music. Ms Jean

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  1. Bee

    Hello J,
    I love your ideas, but I would also love to know how you manage to use coloured and strike through fonts etc in your lesson notes please. I have looked through the knowledge base and can’t find any info on this.

  2. JKroll

    Bee – Thank you. Please contact MTH support for all questions regarding using features. Have a great day!

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