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USE MTH CREATIVELY PART I – Invoices as calendars.

I have been using Music Teachers Helper to support my music teaching business since 2008.  Its  exciting to see the changes over the years which add to it’s effectiveness as my office support.

During this season of Thanksgiving, I want to thank MTH for being innovative in listening to the needs of its customers and for  providing us with what we need to make our job easier. What music teacher wants to spend time on scheduling and bookkeeping when we could be searching for music and creating an exciting environment for our students?

This is the first article in a series of how I use MTH creatively, in ways perhaps not intended by the software itself. If you look back on my previous blogs you will see that is my forte (no pun intended).

MTH calendar showing NO LESSON days

MTH calendar showing NO LESSON days

Customer questions about schedule around the holidays

As easily accessible as is the MHT calendar, I get numerous emails from students asking about the days no lesson will be held as we approach holidays. These questions come despite the web calendar and email reminders about days lessons will not be held.

Using the invoice option of MTH provides me the opportunity not only to let folks review the lesson charges but to give the parent a detailed calendar of events. Because money talks, people are more likely to review their invoice thus may see notes about calendar events if they are on the invoice.

Using a printed copy of the invoice creatively – add NO LESSON days to invoices.

I suggest students print a copy of the invoice to keep as a calendar of events and remind them to mark their calendars. The invoice lists the day and time of each lesson. Additionally I add days of NO LESSONS to the calendar and the invoices (see pictures 1 & 2).

To add days off to the calendar that will show on the invoice follow these simple instructions:

  1. Create Event on the first day of the scheduled days of no lessons
  2. Click on the “Choose Students” button
  3. Click “Select All” after which all students names will be added to this “event”
  4. Change words in the Event Title box to read what you would like to show on the invoice – example: NO LESSONS 11/23 – 12/1 Thanksgiving break (see picture 2)

    Invoice showing days NO LESSONS are held

    Invoice showing days NO LESSONS are held

Since I require that invoices are printed and attached to payments they may simply print two copies. (Note: Requiring printed invoices be attached to payment has all but eliminated financial errors as the payee is more likely to look at the invoice before making the payment.)

Finally – add “how to” notes on the cover page of your invoices. (See picture 3)

How to notes in email portion of invoice notification

How to notes in email portion of invoice notification

I hope you found this post effective in helping you to create more ways to communicate with your customers and use MTH creatively.

May the rest of your day be filled with beautiful music!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. Bee

    I love your creative ideas for using MTH!

    I’m wondering whether you or anyone else reading this can help me implement the idea of invoice as calendar for students paying a monthly set fee?

    I have some students who pay by the (school) term, and therefore are billed on individual lessons, and some who pay by the month. The monthly students pay a fee based on the number of lesson per year divided into ten equal payments.

    Adding the holidays works brilliantly for the term invoices – all lessons and holidays are included on the invoice.

    When I create an invoice for the monthly students, only the ‘fees’ are included – so there is just the monthly fee (plus any other book fees etc.). None of the actual lesson dates or any other holiday dates are included on the invoice. Is there a way around this?


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