USE MTH CREATIVELY II – Grandfather Clauze

Grandfather Clauze said, “HO HO HO!!”

This is part two of my series about interesting ways I use Music Teacher Helper in my studio, not always per the software itself.

Excuse my pun on Grandfather Clauze vs grandfather clause – seemed fitting  this time of the year.  As you know, a Grandfather Clause is when an old rule applies to some existing situations, while a new rule will apply to all future cases for those that are “grandfathered in”.

Studio development = Inevitable change

As studios develop, economy and personal preference generate change.

I find that financial changes are scrutinized so I handle those changes with utmost care. Contrarily, changes that I know will take place each year (such as tuition increases) are clearly defined in my guidelines so there will be no surprise and I have not had issues with this thus far.pic of Grandfather Clause

I find making big changes at my studio an easier adjustment for some when given the option to continue with the old rule for a set period of time. This makes the family feel more comfortable with the change instead of feeling pushed into the change.

How to track those with the Grandfather Clause

One of the big changes I made at my studio in the last two years was to switch from monthly payments to payments every 2 months. Billing and payment collection for the piano year was cut in half, giving me the extra time to work on things for the student rather than tedious bookkeeping.

As we eased into the new payment plan, all new incoming students were automatically added to those paying every 2 months. Current customers were informed of the pending change that would take place over the next 2 years with the option of selecting which payment option they would prefer until that time. This created more work for me until the end of the 2 year period and also the issue of how I would easily keep the two groups sorted.

Simple Solution

I “edited” the parent name placing the last name in CAPITAL letters for those that wished to be billed monthly. This made invoicing easy as I was able to scroll down and click all the names in CAPITAL letters at the beginning of each monthly billing cycle. Similarly, I clicked on those without CAPS on the months I invoiced 2 months at a time.  I used this with the manual invoicing system.Category options

Sorting using MTH

Music Teacher Helper has a method of sorting students that you may wish to use.

Under the Students tab click manage students. Click Edit and enter category names into any of the boxes listed for School Name, Instrument, or Skill Level. These do not need to be per title. For example – you could put any category under skill level. See picture 2.

Why would you use this? If you need to email specific groups of people. Again click the Students tab. Click E-mail students. Sort by the filter you wish to use. See picture 3.

How do you use MTH creatively?

It is fun to see how others use MTH creatively in ways not intended by the software. Please feel free to share your ideas and my next post may contain your ideas!email select categories

May the rest of your day be filled with beautiful music! Ms Jean

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  1. Robin Steinweg

    Splendid idea, Jean. Some of my students pay monthly and some chose by semester–this will let me go on auto-pilot a bit more. Thank you!