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Using MTH creatively – Part IV – Emergency info + more!

How often do you find yourself in need of a list of your students?I'm in treble image

One can keep a list on your computer, but remembering to update it as you get new students or students discontinue can be inconsistent.

The easiest way to come up with a list of your students is to use the export names option on MTH; such a seemingly simple option that can save you time and help you in emergency situations.


I know many folks have parent’s names and phone numbers stored in cell phones. However a paper list of names and phone numbers can still come in handy, especially in emergency situations where you may have to have a friend call customers to let them know of  emergency cancellations.

Select Students, Manage students, and under student options (on the right of screen), select “list parents”. This will give you a list of parents phone numbers and email addresses.

Getting creative to store important information:  In the notes section of the parent information you may add extra phone numbers. I also use c in front of phone numbers to indicate cell and h to indicate home. Ex. C612-270-1234 and h763-550-0347. I use mc to indicate mother cell and fc to indicate father cell. You may also include other contact numbers in the notes section. These will all show under the notes column on the excel page.

It is also nice to have this list in case you are without your normal contact list.


These are a couple other ways I use this option:

First select Students tab, then Mange Students. Scroll to the bottom and click “Export to Excel”, which allows for many options. Delete any information that you don’t need for the current application.

Here are two ways I prepare for recitals using this feature:


Delete all but the student’s names.

Add the recital piece names and time the pieces. Add time to determine length of recitals (I have two) using the math options of excel.  In addition, we set a goal of how long the piece should be which gives the students a clear goal. They may time themselves at home and work to achieve the final time goal. This comes after they have already worked through the entire piece, know it well and have worked with a metronome or a Cd to get the rhythm correct and the piece complete evenly through entirety. As  students work on their pieces; playing time will decrease and get closer to the predetermined goal time. You may track this using your list and the excel math features will automatically change the total time of recitals.


Delete all but the student’s names.

trophy table

Use this for your trophy list. It is most often going to be a more reliable source of spelling of names since the parent or student entered the information. Do check the list for any students that do not usually use their given name and ask which name they prefer on their trophy.

It is easy to fill in the number of years if you use the trophy list from the previous year.

Change the number of years to one higher than previously listed, combine the 2 lists and sort by name. Those whose name shows twice are current students and those with one are either new or no longer a student with you. Delete the duplicates and students no longer with you. Add a 1 year to the new students and you have your new list.

Of course Excel allows you to fill down so you don’t have to replace each number individually if you first sort by number of years of lessons (if that is what information you will use on the trophy).

May the rest of your day be filled with beautiful music!

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