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Using MTH Creatively X – Coffee & Pastries! (COPY & PASTE!)


It’s summer and time for teachers to have coffee and pastries! I hope your cakes are delicious! It’s nice to have a break, but many teach full or part time in the summer.




The copy and paste feature of this music teacher software makes scheduling miscellaneous events easy!

WHY? Because you can create a fake student with all the information you need in the notes section, see picture. Mine includes information on payment since students pay at each summer lesson.



1. Create one event for the fake student.

2. Choose category – I have one called “Summer Lesson”

3. In the (Description: ) section add any information you want to have show when the student gets a reminder. You must set up your reminder email to show the Description section.

Information you may want to include in the (Description: ) section:

• Price of lesson
• How to pay
• Cancelation policies for these summer lessons
• Computer time

Note: When using the copy and paste feature, all the information in the Description: section will remain, thus you do not have type that information repeatedly.

4. Next! Use the Copy and Paste feature and paste the event repeatedly to the number of students on any given day.

5. Simply edit the Event Title by deleting the fake student and typing the name of the student who is taking the lesson into the Student(s) box and change the lesson time (if you are on the correct date).

6. Double check the name, date, and time and click on the (Email Reminder Now) box to send a notice that the lesson has been set.



7. Finally, make sure to have the lesson reminder option set for Summer Lessons and your student will get a reminder closer to the lesson day.

I also use the calendar to show people that log onto the website other information about summer lessons. If they click on the link it states details on when the summer lesson will be scheduled. (I schedule out 1 week no more).

May the rest of your day be filled with beautiful music!

Ms Jean

See a blog post I wrote in 2013 on other ideas for scheduling summer lessons:

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