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Using MTH Creatively VI – Maximize Welcome Email!


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Maximize your Welcome Email!

Music Teacher Helper comes with one of my favorite features, the Welcome Email

which you have the option to send to new students.

This is a wonderful way to professionally welcome your new students. See second picture.

Using the Welcome Email Template creatively can help get your new student set for success at the first meeting and lesson.

To run a smooth business give your students/parents tips.

YFirst part of Welcome Template at my studioour new student may have already received your list of studio guidelines regarding the yearly schedule and rules on canceling lessons, etc. but did that list include instructions on how to know what is assigned at each lesson?

Helping your student/parent know what to expect when they arrive at your studio can make them feel comfortable and prepared.

The welcome email received at my studio does this and also lets them know what is expected of the student and parent while in the studio.

This is a list of things included in the welcome email at my studio.

The descriptions are very detailed and have been left out in this post. As you see; I request that this document is printed before the first meeting or lesson. I also request that the parent review these rules with the student. It is nice because they bring this print out to the meeting and we are able to review this at the first meeting.Welcome email picture 2nd part

STUDIO RULES – Please PRINT and review with new students before the first meeting or lesson.
1. Arrival and departure instructions:
2. Bathroom (near front door):
3. Show & Tell
4. Who you may find in my studio besides other students:
5. How to know on what to work in books.
6. Computer programs and Cds
7. Treats/Prizes:
8. Departure – VERY IMPORTANT (I cannot monitor students while teaching):
9. Recap of schedule for year:
10. Recap of guidelines section of fees:
11. Food/Gum/Drinks/Snack
12. TRANSFER STUDENTS information

As I review my own Welcome Email template – I realize I must make it more friendly – there is always room for improvement!

I would love to hear how you use your MTH Welcome Email.

May the rest of your day be filled with beautiful music!

Ms Jean

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