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Using MTH Creatively VII – The Ever Changing Schedule

Using MTH Creatively VII – The Ever Changing Schedule

Creating the yearly schedule seem like a daunting task – can become your worst enemy!screaming teacher

Luckily for those instructors putting together their yearly calendar; once you have your MTH calendar complete you may sit back and relax! Getting to that point is the challenge many instructors dread.

The screaming teacher!

Scenario I

1. You sent emails in August asking for all fall schedule information – requesting they give you several options for lesson slots in September.

2. You finally have your schedule complete and sent out the notice to all – “Parents/Students: Please check the website to view your schedule”. (This is after hours of putting together the schedule puzzle, many emails and phone calls.)

3. Jon Doe and Mary Swarz both email you to tell you their schedule has changed again!

4. Piano teacher sighs or perhaps the piano teacher is screaming!

Scenario II

1. Number 1 and 2 from scenario I complete.

2. Two days before lessons begin the first invoice is sent from MTH. Two parents email to tell you that they have reviewed the schedule (that is on the invoice) and see a conflict – they forgot to check their schedule on the web when you requested them to do so.

3. Definitely teacher screaming!!! This is a couple days before lesson begin! How will you have time to make all the emails and calls required to move folks around AGAIN!

MTH offers a simple solution that may work for you!

You may set up open slots on the calendar. If you wish, you may ask those with conflicts to check your calendar for openings that work for them. That would be the simplest solution.I C Opening

My issue in doing that is I like to keep my students in blocks and this student(with the conflict) just created an opening where I do not want one.

Additionally, I may have “openings” that I do not want to offer in order to keep students in the lesson blocks I create. Notice on (picture 2) that I have “I C Opening”. These are openings that only I (the instructor) can view on the calendar. I use a fake student called “notes” and a category called “I C Opening”; I = I and C = see: I see. I only use these openings when nothing else works or my studio grows, creating a need for new slots.Schedule change

Keeping track of options on your MTH calendar

Another way to help yourself with scheduling issues is to show pending changes on your calendar (see picture 3). Notice Elsa and Anna will be taking new lessons slots in the future. Again I use the fake student, “notes” and change the title to read what ever I want to see on my private calendar.

Finally (see picture 4), I also make notes on the flexibility of some students. This is set up with my fake student, “notes”, letting me know that these 2 students are able to move back and forth by a half hour, allowing me flexibility in scheduling new or current students.Show flexibility pic 4

A nice feature of MTH is the daily summary. When I have the notes on the calendar as shown in the pictures, the notes show up on my daily summary. This reminds me of my options.

Don’t scream too loud, just plan ahead and and grit your teeth. Make MTH your best friend.

May the rest of your evening be filled with beautiful music!

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    Now ANYONE Can Learn Piano or Keyboard

  2. Nick Williams

    Great stuff. Im always trying to ensure my piano lessons schedule is flexible and organised. This article makes me motivated to continue to improve my management system. Cheers

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