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Using Music Teachers Helper Creatively XII – Keep your customers!

Happy students don’t quit piano lessons!image

What is more  important than keeping your current customers?

Use Music Teacher Helper to have happy students by communicating on a regular basis.

The lesson notes feature of Music Teachers Helper is helpful in that you can send any message after each lesson.

Use lesson notes to retain students!

It is important to find out how practice is going at home for each student. Often times students are dropped off at the front door and you never see their parent until the recital. This lack of contact and communication can be key if a decision comes down to ending lessons.

Communicating frequently, asking about goals, and finding out how things are going at home will help you retain students.

  1. The parent knows you care and are willing to make changes to make this the best experience for their child.
  2. By asking questions you allow the parent to respond which offers you the opportunity to make the necessary changes to keep the student happy.

How to use Music Teachers Helper to accomplish this goal!

  1. Add questions to your lesson template  on any given week ( see the questions I asked this week in the imagepicture).
  2. Personalize the questions by adding the students name via variables. This gives your questions a personal touch.

Finally • Respond to each parent reply and use their answers to create a plan for each student! image


Happy student = Happy parents = Happy teacher = STUDENT RETENTION!

May the rest of your day be filled with beautiful music!



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