Using Music to Close the Education Gap

Created by Kent State University’s School of Music, this inforgraphic shows that music not only has educational merit, but that it can be used to close the educational gap among students and schools. As a private teacher, how much do you value the importance of music in schools? Or what is your reaction to the data in the below visual? Let us know in the comments.

Using Music to Close the Educational Gap
Kent State Online Master of Music in Music Education

About the Author

Andrew is currently the Marketing Director for Music Teacher's Helper. He lives in San Diego, CA.


  1. Brecklyn Ferrin

    My initial reaction is one of hope–there is hope for our education system and I think that hope lies in music education. Now we just need to get politicians on the same page…

  2. Cabaletta

    Nice one info graphics and very well designed and informative too.